Contract Service Agreements

Would you like better control over your yearly maintenance costs for automatic door service?

Wouldn't it be nice to keep your automatic door service costs fixed from year to year?

An AUTOMATIC DOOR CONTRACT SERVICE AGREEMENT is your best solution for your changing budget.


  1. Keep your maintenance costs fixed, and predictable for your annual budget.
  2. Keep your store managers happy with reliable contract service within 24 hours, unless requested otherwise.
  3. Keep your store patrons happy with safe automatic entrances that always operate as per design and code.
  4. Lower your construction costs by allowing you to choose when to upgrade your store entrances on your terms, not the industry's manufacturers' terms.
  5. Reduce the number of service calls requested by your managers by receiving preventive maintenance on all your entrance doors with every service call as part of the service agreement.
  6. Keep your cost accountants happy by eliminating large expensive invoices that are created due to lack of preventive maintenance.

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